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Below are the assessment dates for Year 12 English Language. Students are reminded of the policy regarding all assessment tasks.

Assessment Tasks
Time-Frame and SAC Dates
Unit 3 SAC 1: Informal Language

Short answer questions and written analysis on both spoken and written informal language.

Start outcome early February

Tuesday 10 March at 3.45pm
Unit 3 SAC 2: Formal Language

1. Short answer questions on unseen texts
2. Analytical essay analysing distinctive features of formal language in written and spoken texts.

Start outcome mid–March

Wednesday 19 May at 2.00pm

Unit 4 SAC 1: Language Variation in Australian Society

1. Short answers on unseen Australian Literary text.
2. Analytical essay on Australian English Varieties.

Start outcome mid–June

Wednesday 19 August at 2.00pm

Unit 4 SAC 2: Individual and Group Identities

1. A written analysis of how people's choice of language reflects and constructs their identities.
2. An analytical essay on Individual and Group Identities.

Start outcome mid–August

WEdnesday 16 September at 2.00pm

Trial Examination

All outcomes in Units 3 and 4 will be examined.
All the key knowledge and skills that underpin the outcomes in Units 3 and 4 are examinable.
All questions are compulsory.

The Trial Exam is a replica of the end-of-year examination.


Week of 5 October



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