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  Year 11 Literature Assessment Dates — 2020  
Assessment Tasks
Dates — approximate
Unit 1
Reading practices

SAC 1: Close Analysis: The Tempest.

16th to 18th century Poetry Analysis — on-going.

The Tempest start mid–February. Deadline: 13 April

Poetry start early February; complete all poetry by late June

Ideas and concerns in texts

SAC 2: Literary Perspectives: Far From the Madding Crowd.

Start mid-April

Deadline: Monday 1 June

Unit 2

Exploring connections between texts

SAC 1: Extended comparative analysis of Mrs Dalloway and its fim version.

Start early June

Deadline: Monday 7 September

Text, reader and contexts

SAC 2: Creative Response on Where I’m Calling From and a reflective commentary.

19th to 20th century Poetry Analysis — on-going.


Start short stories by early August. Deadline: Monday 19 October

Poetry start early July; complete all poetry by late early November


Close Analysis of selected poetry.

Examination period as advised on the School calendar

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