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Melbourne High School English Teachers can supplement the information contained in this Site by accessing their English Faculty Home Page on the School's Intranet. Documents include:

  • English Curriculum Outlines of Key Knowledge and Key Skills
  • English Assessment Criteria Sheets for Years 9—12
  • English Year Level Course Outlines
  • English VicCurriculum Year 9 & 10 Curriculum Units
  • English VicCurriculum Mode and Strand Sequences
  • English VicCurriculum Progression Points
  • VicCurriculum Standards and Progression Points for Interdisciplinary and Corss Curriculum Capabilities
  • VicCurriculum Student Progress Record
  • Reporting Against the VicCurriculum Standards
  • Faculty Minutes and Memos
  • Teaching Strategies (e.g. questioning, differentiation, giftedness)
  • VCAA Documents
  • Year Level Exam Data
  • Year Level Sample Exam papers
  • Year Level Teaching and Learning Resources

MHS's English Faculty staff are committed to the principles and practices of essential English and Literacy teaching as documented in the Professional Standards for English Teachers, and to the Melbourne High School Teaching and Learning Policy with its focus on the learner and his particular learning style, and how learning is as an active, individual process of constructing and building meaning. In particular, the English staff at Melbourne High School recognise the structuring of lessons that address an individual student's characteristics, needs, abilities and interests through the myriad of ways in which boys' learning styles are catered for through differential teaching.

Professional Standards

MHS English staff support the depth and range of accomplished English and Literacy teaching as documented in the Professional Standards provided by STELLA (Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy in Australia). The Standards have been developed by teacher members of AATE and ALEA around Australia and are supported by national and state ETA Councils in all states and territories.

The standards are based on two principles:

  • Professional standards only have validity when grounded in teachers' own knowledge, experience, skills and values.
  • Teachers' knowledge, experience, skills and values are, in important respects, discipline-specific. For example, the depth of knowledge and the range of skills an English or Literacy teacher needs in order to teach well are different from the knowledge and skills required to teach Physics or Physical Education.
The English teachers at MHS attempt to capture the depth and range of accomplished English and Literacy teaching.
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