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English Faculty Staff are expected to:
demonstrate best practice in English and Literacy teaching as documented in the Professional Standards for Teachers of English and Literacy and the Melbourne High School Teaching and Learning Policy
are conversant with the curriculum at the year levels they are teaching
implement the prescribed courses
are consistent and uniform with their colleagues in their teaching and learning outcomes and assessment practices
liaise regularly with other staff for sharing of ideas, resources and strategies for course implementation and assessment
assess and grade student tasks according to the prescribed Faculty Assessment Criteria
are up-to-date with current DE&T policies, teaching methods and new directions in the teaching of English
participate in appropriate professional development in-services
have active personal professional development plans
participate in all Faculty co-curricular programmes, such as the annual School-based competitions
take on leadership roles within the Faculty: co-ordinating competitions, establishing team working parties, year level co-ordination
develop skills in and use information technology to enhance teaching and learning
attend scheduled Faculty and, when called, Faculty year level, meetings
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