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Below are the assessment dates for Year 10 English. Dates are approximate and may be modified by the classroom teacher.

Students are reminded of the assessment policy regarding all assessment tasks.

Semester 1
Assessment Tasks
Time-Frame & Scheduled Due Dates
Voices in Our World, Our Language
A letter of application for a job and a resume and interview role play.

Start early February

Complete by mid-February

Voices in Our World, Our Language
Construct a sustained creative written response or oral performance drawn from a range of stimuli and justifying choices made in a written explanation.

Start mid-February

Complete by mid–late April.

Voices in Shakespeare
A sustained analytical interpretation of the text Othello that fully addresses the question-topic, employing appropriate metalanguage and supported with apt textual evidence.

Start Othello: early April; complete by early June

Complete by early June.

Semester 2
Assessment Tasks
Time-Frame & Scheduled Due Dates
Voices in Context
A persuasive argument presented orally in an appropriate oral form.

Start late June
Complete by
late August
Voices in Context
An extended expository or imaginative response related to the theme study accompanied by a Written Explanation.
Start Theme Study unit mid-July
Complete by early November

Examination — Reading and Viewing
A sustained analytical comparative interpretation about the ideas and themes and how poets create meaning through poetic devices in two or more unseen cross-cultural poems.

On-going since March
Examination period as advised on the School calendar
Last up-dated 21 November, 2019
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