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Below are the assessment dates for both Year 12 English and EAL.

Unless otherwise specified, all SACs are held on a Wednesday afternoon during periods 6 and 7.

Students are reminded of the SAC policy regarding all assessment tasks.

Assessment Tasks
Time-Frame and SAC Dates
Unit 3
SAC 1: Analysing and Presenting Argument

Analysis of Argument and Language
Comparative analysis of how the use of argument and language in media texts debate a topical issue to position readers in particular ways.

Start outcome beginning February; complete by Friday 22 February.

SAC date: Wednesday 11 March

SAC 2: Reading and Creating Texts

A creative oral response on Much Ado About Nothing, accompanied by a written explanation.

Start outcome 25 February; complete by early April.

Transcript & Written Explanation
SAC deadline: Monday 20 April

SAC 2: Listening to Texts —EAL students ONLY

Comprehension of unfamiliar spoken texts.
Introduce outcome: early February; on-going to end of Unit 4.

SAC completed by Friday 24 July

SAC 3: Reading and Creating Texts

An extended written analytical interpretation on Rear Window.

Start outcome: early April; complete by mid-June.

SAC date: Thursday 25 June

Unit 4
SAC 1: Analysing and Presenting Argument

Persuasive Argument
Construct a written outline of a reasoned point of view on an issue
currently debated in the media (no earlier than 1st May) for a specified audience.

Start outcome: 13 July; complete by 24 July.

SAC date: Week beginning Monday 3 August undertaken during the class double.
SAC 2: Reading and Comparing Texts

Comparison analysis on how Never Let Me Go and Stasiland present ideas, issues and themes.

Start outcome: 27 July; complete by 18 September

SAC date: Wednesday 14 October

Trial Examination

The Trial Exam is a replica of the end-of-year paper.


Week of 5 October

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